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Doron Ritter D.O.P Showreel 2016

Making videos is my passion and I’m so thankful that I’m able to do it for a living. I’ve shot all types of projects from documentaries to music videos and short dramas to pr video. I’ve shot on pretty much every camera there is too. Alexa, Epic, DSLR’s,and the new C300.  So whatever the budget of your production, there’s a camera I can use that’ll do the job.


I love people. Being able to articulate emotions through a single candid moment and being able to witness a beautiful celebration is truly fulfilling for me. I strive to capture those unique personalities –sometimes it’s in a certain laugh , or a familiar hug. I believe this is what makes photos uniquely your own, and unlike anyone else’s. Collaborating with creatives to convey imagery that meets and exceeds the client’s needs, is Doron’s goal on each production -  images that communicate memorable messages

About me

Ritter DoronI have been taking photographs for 18 years but I use experience of many generations. My great-grandfather started our generational in photography, he was a photographer during First World War. Therefore being a photographer is not only a profession but continuity of a tradition, using and increasing of knowledge which has been gathered during the last one hundred years.

Along with photoghraphy I make short films, work for private companies, advertising agencies and fashion-magazines. I attempt to re-create craft of my ancestors with contemporary technique and to add to my professional knowledge. I want to dominate my craft through its tools and features and to add to my professional skills in order that pictures I show have to have more dimension than the reality.

Obviously this is only an inner rigidity – I endevour that my collegues and customers feel unleashed during working process.



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